Danielle Riley

Danielle Riley is the CEO & President of Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Prosperity in Rochester, NY. She is a second generation Realtor and went on her first "appointment" at age 2. She has been a Realtor for over 9 years and sold her first few houses at the age of 19. Danielle's team has sold over 2,000 houses in those 9 years. She is very passionate about real estate and fights hard for homeowners' rights. She sits on her local board's RPAC, Industry Advocacy, and Fair Housing Committees. Danielle is also very involved on the state level. She sits on the New York State Association of Realtors YPN and Professional Standards Committees. While vigorously fighting for homeowners rights, she also understands the importance of her local community and spends much of her time advocating for local charities by sitting on the Board of Directors for the Realtors Charitable Foundation. Danielle is also extremely passionate about YPN and sits on her local network's advisory board. In 2015, Danielle was named '30 under 30' by Realtor Magazine. Danielle was also selected as an Inman Ambassador earlier this year.